Absinthe - Spiegelworld (2024)

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No need for introductions, it’s ABSINTHE.

Filthy rich (and just plain filthy) The Gazillionaire dredged every broken-down circus, dive bar and detention center from Tokyo to Toledo in search of the world’s most sensationally talented, seductively beautiful artists. Whether this madcap crew of extraordinary exhibitionists is defying the laws of gravity or the limits of good taste, they live to perform for your pleasure—and theirs—on Absinthe‘s astonishingly intimate stage. So drink up and settle down, ’cause once the Green Fairy escapes her bottle, you’ll definitely be seeing things. Unapologetically raunchy and undeniably hilarious, Absinthe is for ages 18 and above.

80-minute runtime with no intermission.

Sunday – Thursday at 8pm & 10pm
Friday & Saturday at 7pm, 9pm & 11pm

Located insideThe Green Fairy GardenatCaesars Palace

Tickets start at$129

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Venue Information

Voted by Las Vegas Weekly as the “#1 greatest show in Las Vegas history,” Absinthe takes place in Spiegelworld’s custom circus tent on the Roman Plaza, right outside Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The air-conditioned tent sits within the Green Fairy Garden, a lively outdoor complex featuring multiple bars, including the Pier 17 Yacht Club, and the magnificent Absinthe Electric Oak®, an art installation with over 30,000 programmable LED leaves. Visitors can also indulge in delicious treats from No Pants Burgers and Tots. Inside, the 585-seat tent is a surprisingly intimate adult playground; a chaotic cornucopia of mirrors, art, and carefully curated flotsam (jetsam available by request).

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Spiegeltent On The Roman Plaza

Corner of Flamingo Road & Las Vegas Boulevard

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Terms & Conditions

To request specialty seating or other accessibility-related accommodations, please contact the box office toll-free at: (888) 966-0404 or (702) 534-3419.

Price per seat includes taxes only. Service and handling fees may apply. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

Notice: Tickets purchased through unauthorized resellers are not guaranteed.

Parties of 10+

To purchase tickets for groups of 10 or more, please call the box office at (702) 534-3419 or email [emailprotected].


Getting Into The Venue

Absinthe is located inside the Green Fairy Garden at Caesars Palace. The Garden can be accessed from the eastside of the Roman Plaza, directly across from Hell’s Kitchen. The Roman Plaza is accessible and ADA compliant.

Access to the Absinthe tent is step-free from the Green Fairy Garden into the main showroom. Upon arrival, theater representatives can meet patrons and escort them to their seats.

Wheelchair and transfer seats are located throughout Seating Sections 1-3, which is step-free from rows A-H. The majority of accessible and companion seating, including 10 wheelchair spaces, can be found here.

There are no elevators or escalators at this venue.

For more information visit Spiegelworld x Accessibility.

Accessibility Support

Absinthe and the Green Fairy Garden currently offer the following Accessibility Support. To arrange for any of the following services or for additional information please reach out to our box office team for assistance.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating
  • ASL Interpreted Performances*
  • In Ear Audio Description*
  • CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)*
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Dining Options
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Selection
  • Service Animal Friendly

Seating in the tent is step-free for all patrons from rows A-H and can be reached easily from the main entrance. There are 10 designated wheelchair spaces available for each performance and are located across Sections 1-3 in seats – E1, E2, E44, E45, K12, K13, K20, K21, and 230.

Seats designated for ASL Interpretation are – Tables 6, 8, 9, 11, and in Section 1, Rows K-L.

* Request for these services must be made 72hrs in advance. You may request these services by calling Toll free 1-888-966-0404 or emailing[emailprotected]

Customer Assistance

Patrons requiring assistance to reach their seats or other accessibility support can contact the box office ahead of time to arrange for a representative to meet them at the entrance to the Absinthe tent. The box office can be reached by phone, (888) 966-0404 or email [emailprotected].

There is no coat check available for the storage of garments, large bags or luggage. Storage for mobility devices will be provided.

How To Book

For those who require special assistance or wish to buy tickets for wheelchair designated spaces, it is important to book in advance and notify our box office team of any support needs.

Tickets for all accessible seating can be booked online, but for further information and assistance please call one of our toll-free numbers (888) 966-0404 or (702) 534-3419, or email us at [emailprotected].


Restrooms are located outside of our venue on Caesars property. There is a wheelchair accessible restroom available inside the Caesars hotel main lobby, located just past Cafe Americano. Additional accessible restrooms can be found in the Roman Plaza on the south facing side of Hell’s Kitchen.

Sensory Warning

Absinthe has sound and lighting levels that can be as intense as a loud music concert and features many high-intensity and thrilling acts. Flashing lights, strobes, haze, and other moving lights are occasionally present throughout the performance, as well as acts that include audience interaction and/or physical contact.

These elements may be overstimulating or intense for some patrons and attendees may need to self-regulate depending on their sensory and/or medical needs. Patrons are able to exit the theater as needed and re-entry will be permitted under the guidance of our venue staff. For additional information about the show’s content, or to make special seating arrangements please contact our box office team via phone, toll free, at (888) 966-0404 or email at [emailprotected].

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Fill your mouth hole


    Pier 17 Yacht Clubis the breezy speakeasy bar hidden inside the Green Fairy Garden. With a swanky indoor cabin and secluded outdoor boat yard, Pier 17 honors Absinthe’s origins where it premiered on the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge under the original Spiegeltent.

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (8)Absinthe - Spiegelworld (9)Absinthe - Spiegelworld (10)

  • Green Fairy Garden

    The most spectacularly lavish garden ever built. A tribute to Absinthe’s infamously intoxicating singing sprite, Green Fairy Garden features Spiegelworld’s smash hit show Absinthe, delicious burgers and tots from No Pants, and the famous hidden speakeasy Pier 17 Yacht Club.

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (11)Absinthe - Spiegelworld (12)Absinthe - Spiegelworld (13)

  • No Pants

    More life, less pants. Is it Spiegelworld’s elevated circus-food offering? Or is it a state of mind? Whether you are seeing Absinthe or not, drop everything and get to Green Fairy Garden. Enjoy a co*cktail and the best burger on the Strip with a side of crunchy golden Star Tots from No Pants. And for those who need a jolt, No Pants coffee is now being served.

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Absinthe - Spiegelworld (15)

Impresario’s Reserve VIP Experience

ExperienceAbsinthelike a Gazillionaire! Enjoy the best seats—and views—in the house from the privacy of your own elevated table, complete with dedicated VIP service and a perfectly-chilled bottle of Champagne uncorked upon your arrival.

21 and over only.

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Gazillionaire’s Roller Package

Make a night of it with roundtrip luxury transport (LV metro area), premium seating for two with an elevated view, and an open bar throughout the show.

21 and over only.

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Green Fairy Garden Experience

Party in the garden with a 90-minute pre-show semi-private fete, burger and tots and a VIP entrance to Absinthe curated for you and your event.

Groups of 20+ only.

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Voted by Las Vegas Weekly as the “#1 greatest show in Las Vegas history,” Absinthe takes place in Spiegelworld’s custom circus tent at the Green Fairy Garden, right outside Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Gold Tooth Clacker 5-Panel Camper Hat


Rep the Gazillionaire & his circus empire right on your dome and let everyone know he’s got you wrapped around his finger too.

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Absinthe by Colin Yeo, Hand-Painted Shirts


All the twisted circus sh*t pulled straight out of the Absinthe tent and turned into wearable art you can finally wear to your next corporate holiday party or prissy aunt’s Sunday brunch.

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More Life, Less Pants T-Shirt


No Pants. It’s a lifestyle.

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Caesars Palace

Spiegeltent on the Roman Plaza

Corner of Flamingo Road & Las Vegas Boulevard

Absinthe - Spiegelworld (22)

Absinthe - Spiegelworld (23)

On the Roman Plaza in front of Caesars Palace sits the most spectacularly lavish, technically sophisticated venue ever built in Las Vegas.

OK, it’s a friggin’ tent—but not a regular one, a cool one. The Germans call it a spiegeltent (literally, “mirror tent”) because it holds a mirror to the yearnings and desires lurking deep within your soul. Enter this immersive adult playground and discover a wondrous cornucopia of amazement…


  • Sara Jean Odam Colors Outside The Lines

    By Spiegelworld


    Spiegelworld speaks to artist Sara Jean Odam about her creative process when working with Spiegelworld. How would you describe your art style? Intense color is a big marker of my paintings, along with direct drawing within the painting and a lot of emphasis on line and gesture. The tactility of paint and mixing colors is […]

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (24)

  • Hazel Finds Her Confidence

    By Circus Town TV

    Circus Town TV

    Meet Hazel Honeysuckle, the Green Fairy in the show Absinthe, who guides the audience through their wildest dreams each night. Though she may describe herself as “socially anxious,” Hazel exudes confidence through burlesque once she hits the stage. Watch as she discusses her love for the art form, explores its rich history, and shares her […]

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (25)

  • Yammel Somersaults Into Record Books

    By Circus Town TV

    Circus Town TV

    Spectacular aerialist Yammel always honors her Mexcian heritage in the Absinthe tent. But can this Circus Amazon set a new somersault world record on her beloved aerial hoop? * On select Absinthe performances.

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (26)

  • World Burlesque Day

    By Spiegelworld


    Step into the exotic world of Spiegelworld burlesque, where every twist, tease, and tantalizing step evokes the illicit thrill of a whispered secret. World Burlesque Day (April 26) isn’t just a celebration; it’s a sumptuous feast for the senses – a daring dip into the decadent depths of theatrical seduction.

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    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (27)

Other Shows

  • Atomic Saloon Show

    The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

    Tuesday – Saturday at 7:30pm & 9:30pm

    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (28)Absinthe - Spiegelworld (29)

  • DiscoShow

    3535 Las Vegas Boulevard

    On Sale Now
    Previews August 14th
    Grand Opening September 8th

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  • The Hook

    Caesars Atlantic City

    Monday & Wednesday at 7pm
    Thursday – Sunday at 7pm & 9pm

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  • Nipton, CA

    Circus Town California

    Absinthe - Spiegelworld (34)

Absinthe - Spiegelworld (2024)


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