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Come into Our World

Your event is too important for four white walls (otherwise, you wouldn’t be here). Every Spiegelworld space is a unique, infinitely explorable world unto itself. Saddle up at the Atomic Saloon. From hidden disco rooms and yacht clubs to the entire Absinthe tent, let our VVVIPteam make your event truly unforgettable.


Blue suits in a grey room sipping watered down co*cktails? Not this year, Doris. Allow our party experts to transform your conference, networking mixer, corporate gathering or client party into a mind-blowing spectacle that will be the envy of your competitors.


Group activities are kind of our thing. Go all-the-way VIP with one of our Gazillionaire approved itineraries, road tested for you and your group’s ultimate enjoyment.


If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Birthday, wedding, reunion or goldfish funeral – our dedication to a party means we are meticulous in crafting a uniquely memorable celebration especially for you.

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Absinthe & Green Fairy Garden

Voted byLasVegas Weekly as the“#1greatest show inLasVegas history,”Absinthe takes place in Spiegelworld’s custom circus tent on the RomanPlaza, right outside CaesarsPalace on theLasVegas Strip.

  • Impresario’s Reserve VIP Experience

    • Elevated table seating
    • VIP Service
    • Perfectly-chilled bottle of champagne

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  • Gazillionaire’s Roller Package

    • Full-trip Transportation (LV metro area)
    • All you can drink premium co*cktails, beer and wine.
    • All you can eat burgers and tots
    • Impresario’s Reserve VIP table

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  • Green Fairy Garden Experience

    • (90) minute pre-show event
    • Semi-private area inside Green Fairy Garden
    • VIP entrance to the show
    • Dedicated bar(s)
    • Burger & tots
    • Absinthe tickets *purchase separately

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Atomic Saloon

Set inside the real-life Atomic Saloon, a multilevel labyrinth of luxuriously-appointed bars, secret rooms and other surprises, Atomic Saloon Show is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s as if an old west saloon crashed into an Elizabethan theatre with a VIP nightclub attitude.

  • Saloon Seating + Boozy Signature Flask

    • Boozy Signature Flask delivered to your seat
    • Atomic Saloon Show ticket

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  • Boozy’s Bottomless Beer and Bubbles

    • (45) minute pre-show in Disco Room with choice of AYCD Bottomless Bubbles or Beer Buckets
    • Snack platter: popcorn, chocolate, nut sacks, beef jerky
    • Atomic Saloon Show Ticket

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  • Whiskey Tasting

    • (45) minutes pre-show tasting inside Robin’s Nest
    • Whiskey expert that will highlight the history of each product
    • Three expert’s choice whiskey’s
    • Atomic Saloon ticket

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  • Shotgun Wedding

    • Expedited VIP entry
    • Cast Officiant
      • Pre-show on-stage ceremony
      • Witnesses, if needed
    • Champagne glasses
    • Souvenir
    • Atomic Saloon Show ticket

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  • Celebrations Experience

    • Expedited VIP entry
    • VIP Booth with beverage options
      • Choice of Champagne, co*cktail Tower, Wine, or Beer
    • Floral arrangement(s)
    • Assorted party props

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  • Mezzanine Package

    • (45) minute open bar during pre-show in Robin’s Nest
    • Beers, house wines, and well co*cktails
    • Snack platter: Popcorn, chocolate, nut sacks, beef jerky
    • The entire Mezzanine level exclusive for up to 55 guests

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  • Outlaw’s Hideout

    • (6) Tickets to Atomic Saloon Show
    • co*cktail Tower
    • Snack Platter including beef jerky, popcorn, dark chocolate, nut sack

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Superfrico Las Vegas

Whether you’re planning a wedding or celebrating a special event, Superfrico is more than a restaurant; it’s a drinking and dining experience. Expect a treasure trove of classic dishes and heirloom recipes, reimagined with mind-blowing new flavors, textures and techniques—served with wall-to-wall eye candy across a series of imaginatively themed, infinitely explorable bars, lounges, and dining rooms, all with a bumpin’ soundtrack courtesy of the Strip’s only all-vinyl DJ.

  • Full Venue Buyout

    • Superfrico restaurant buyout

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LocatedatCaesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino and operating every week of the year,THE HOOKfeatures a world-premiere live show, an East Coast home for our awesome Italian American PsychedelicSuperfricorestaurant, and a myriad of discoverable co*cktail bars.

  • HOOK’d on Bubbles! Package

    • Parties of 4 or more guests
    • Bottomless prosecco pre-show and during the performance
    • Light bites – served pre-show at our showroom lounge
    • The Hook showticket

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    • Parties of 4 or more guests
    • Welcome Champagne + choice of open bar, co*cktail tower, wine or beer bucket.
    • Assorted party decor
    • PremiumThe Hook showSeating

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  • Dinner and Show Package

    • Six signature dish prix-fixe dinner at Superfrico before or after The Hook show.
    • The Hook show ticket

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  • Birthday Celebration Package

    • A Glass of Champagne or Wine
    • Dot’s Meatballs
      Kale Salad
      OG Square
      Chicken Parm
      Lemon Thing
    • Served Family Style

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There were no VIPs in the disco era, but we’ll make an exception for you. If you’ve always dreamed of a disco wedding, or if you wanted to trade the boardroom for a dance floor, we can sneak you right past Mother’s velvet rope for the evening. Hungry from dancing? Take a load off at Diner Ross, our disco-bistro-chic restaurant. Whether you’ve got fourteen in your party or four hundred, make it DiscoShow.

  • The Bianca

    • Disco Diva Kit
    • Welcome shot upon arrival
    • co*cktail Tower
    • DiscoShow Ticket

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  • Late Night Dinner Specials

    • Curated bites from Diner Ross
    • Craft co*cktail
    • DiscoShow Ticket

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  • Bubbles to Boogie

    • Bottomless prosecco pre-show (75 minutes)
    • (2) chef-selection appetizers from Diner Ross
    • DiscoShow ticket

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  • Sara Jean Odam Colors Outside The Lines

    By Spiegelworld


    Spiegelworld speaks to artist Sara Jean Odam about her creative process when working with Spiegelworld. How would you describe your art style? Intense color is a big marker of my paintings, along with direct drawing within the painting and a lot of emphasis on line and gesture. The tactility of paint and mixing colors is […]

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  • Superfrico Las Vegas New Seasonal co*cktail Menu

    By Spiegelworld


    Spiegelworld speaks to Niko Novick, Executive of Beverage at Superfrico, about the new seasonal co*cktail menu that is available now. This looks like the most audacious co*cktail menu we’ve ever seen. What inspired the concept? I have been wanting to do afoodconcept co*cktail menu at Superfrico Las Vegas for over a year now, though no […]

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    Events - Spiegelworld (32)

  • Meet Michael Wynne, Writer of Discoshow

    By Spiegelworld


    Spiegelworld speaks to Michael Wynne, Playwright for Spiegelworld’s new show DISCOSHOW, opening at The LINQ Hotel + Experience. Welcome, Michael. Thank you for taking the time, I know you are busy preparing DISCOSHOW. Can you share with us your journey to being the writer for DISCOSHOW? I never thought my career would lead to this […]

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  • Amy Turner Turns Heads

    By Spiegelworld


    Spiegelworld speaks to Superfrico Atlantic City artist Amy Turner about her piece “Playboy Portraits”. How would you describe your personal art style? That’s a good question. Honestly, I’ve sort of titled it recently, and you can bleep this out, “s*** nobody asked for.” It really falls under the umbrella of anything being fair game to […]

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Events - Spiegelworld (2024)


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