Can I join Public Free or Prize leagues with my friends and family? | Yahoo Help - SLN35078 (2024)

Playing against people you know can make winning that much more fun. Yahoo offers Private leagues that can be created to play with friends and family. Managers in unfilled Public Free leagues can also invite friends and family to join. Unfortunately, friends and family cannot be invited to Yahoo Public Prize leagues and managers are placed randomly.

Why are friends and family allowed to play together in Public Free leagues?

We've opted to allow friends and family to participate in Public Free Leagues to enhance competition and elevate your fantasy experience. Rest assured, we'll continue to enforce the Yahoo SportsFair Play and Sportsmanship rulesin all Public League formats and take appropriate action against managers who breach them. If you have concerns about this change, we suggest participating in a Public Prize League, where managers are randomly placed in leagues and can't play with friends or family.

Why can't I play with friends and family in Public Prize leagues?

Public Prize leagues are designed to be filled randomly by managers with similar league preferences, it's not possible to join one with a friend, family member or acquaintance.

If you want to join a league with people you know, create or join a Custom League or Public Free league and invite your friends.

Purposely attempting to join a Public Prize league with friends, family members or acquaintances is a violation of the Yahoo SportsFair Play and Sportsmanship rules.

Can I join Public Free or Prize leagues with my friends and family? |
							Yahoo Help
			- SLN35078 (2024)


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